Dronfield Lodge No. 9570

Dronfield Lodge No. 9570

Date Established: 1995

Meeting Dates: There are 6 Lodge meetings per year, 2nd Thursday in Jan, Feb, Apr, Jul, Sep, Nov.  Meetings start at 6:30pm.

Number of Members: 25

Contact: stuart@rollem.com

We are a Lodge based upon the own of Dronfield in Derbyshire.  The name “Dronfield” is usually interpreted to have derived from an open piece of land with bees, Drones.  This name was taken up by the river that runs through the valley, the River Drone, a tributary of the River Rother and then the name became associated with the town, Drone-field, becoming Dronfield.  Dronfield was a settlement begun by the Angles, a village and then a town of 9,000 supporting foundries, coal-mining and farming. The Logo of the Lodge is a representation of the Peel Monument in Dronfield.  This was designed and erected in 1854  on the site of the original market cross and stocks.  Originally, it housed a water pump.  The monument is a tribute to Sir Robert Peel, specifically commemorating the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846.

The Dronfield Lodge is one of nine Masonic Craft Lodges meeting at Dore in Sheffield. It has a mixed membership from all walks of life and differing backgrounds, all meeting as friends and Brothers. Generally, we are from Dronfield Town and surrounding area, but not all.  We are all Brothers irrespective of race, religion, social status or background and we meet as equals.