Amadeus Lodge 9539

Amadeus Lodge – No. 9539

Date Established: 12th February 1994

Meeting Dates: 4th Thursday of January, March (installation), May and September, the 3rd Thursday in February and July and the 2nd Thursday in December.

Number of Members: 37


Music has long been a feature of Freemasonry from its earliest days.

The first thoughts about Amadeus Lodge occurred, as do many good ideas, over a pint when several existing  Masons bemoaned the lack of a Lodge in the Sheffield area for members with a “musical” interest, and decided to see if there was sufficient interest to proceed with starting such a Lodge. It did.

It was decided that such a Lodge should not only be for practitioners of music, but also for those who enjoyed music and the arts, in whatever form, thereby attracting more interest.

From its Consecration on 12th February 1994 to the present day, that ethos has always been present as the Lodge developed. Its Members are a wide cross section of the music spectrum, from instrumentalists, performers, and singers, to those who just enjoy a good tune! At the same time the Lodge maintains its Ceremonial duties, undertaken in a spirit of friendship and fun.

Our Membership is a balanced mix of younger enthusiastic Masons as well as long serving experienced Brethren, and in true Masonic fashion, our support of Charity is paramount.